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Launched at the end of 2015, Walter Capital Partners is a new Montreal-based private equity firm with solid foundations through its affiliation with the Walter Group, the business leadership expertise of its two Managing Partners and its relationship with the Watermill Group. Supported by our entrepreneurial vision and our international network, we are in a position to add business acumen to our capital investment to support businesses with their growth.

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Managing Partners

Éric Phaneuf and Sam Ramadori have proven themselves as global business leaders through the development and implementation of numerous strategic initiatives as well as mergers and acquisitions which, combined with support from the Walter Group and the Watermill Group, represents a great asset for our portfolio companies.

Walter Group

The Walter Group was founded in 1952 by Walter J. Somers with the creation of Walter Surface Technologies, an important supplier to the global metal surfaces industry. Currently led by Pierre Somers, the founder’s son, the Group now includes Montreal-based investment firm Walter Financial which holds Walter Capital Partners and Walter Global Asset Management. Today, the Walter Group’s operations are soundly established in the finance industry, enabling them to support local and international companies.

Watermill Group

Walter Capital Partners benefits from a long-standing relationship between the principals of the Walter Group and those of the Watermill Group, which provides us with a location near Boston at One Cranberry Hill, 750 Marrett Road, in Lexington, Massachusetts. Named Private Equity Firm of the Year in 2015 by The M&A Advisor, Watermill Group is a strategy-driven private investment firm, that has been acquiring, operating and improving companies for more than three decades. We expect to benefit from their industry expertise and believe that the Watermill Group relationship should provide Walter Capital Partners with increased access to and standing with industry leaders, financial institutions and vendors. Watermill on video.
With a capital of $200 million,
Walter Capital Partners aims to support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

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